Coaching Workshops And Training

Through our personalized workshops, training and coaching sessions we work with families whose children may display challenges and complex needs.

We can offer support to families of children and young people who may have experienced trauma, loss, bereavement, and who display behaviour.

We ask you to consider what success looks like for you as a family — what’s working or not working — so we can work with you to support, parent and manage behaviour positively.

Concentrating on personalised approaches our coaching workshops work with you on sharing:

  • What you know and feel about your relationship with your child
  • Appreciation of each other
  • Rituals and Routines
  • Communication
  • Questioning your values
  • Belonging
  • Connecting with the past
  • Dreams, hopes and wishes
  • What success looks and feels like as a family
  • Using person-centred approaches and thinking with you

Our coaching workshops are three hours.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the delivery design of a workshop to meet your specific needs, or bespoke one-to-one coaching.